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We are India's 100% transparent online donation platform for charities, non-profits, individuals and corporates where people can directly donate. Our vision is to bring more transparency to online crowdfunding so that we provide an opportunity for every Indian to give back to society confidently.

Employee Giving

Employee Giving programs are a valuable way to strengthen relationships with your employees while helping the communities that you work in.By meaningfully engaging your employees, they help you build a positive work culture, leading to higher retention.

Employee Engagement Campaigns

Promote giving as a culture in your organization and build a community that increases employee engagement with our customized online and offline campaigns. Our dedicated team will work with you to craft and execute campaigns that will encourage employee participation and bonding within your workplace.

Charity Events

Celebrate significant milestones of your organization by having an online or offline fundraiser event for a cause that your employees and organization care about. These can be your Annual Day, Founder's Day or your own giving initiatives like a Giving Month, Giving Tuesday.

Corporate Matching

Corporate matching campaigns are an amazing way to leverage your company's corporate social responsibility fund to multiply impact. You can leverage matching not just in employee giving, but also in the range of fundraising campaigns that SFA runs on its crowdfunding platform.


Corporate Volunteering is about businesses supporting and encouraging staff involvement in the community - for mutual benefit - thus making the business and social case quite straightforward. SFA will help you with a well-designed corporate volunteering program which is well integrated with your business.You have the #PowerToMotivate and meaningfully engage your employees which can further help you in building a positive work culture, leading to higher retention.

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